Around the Ranch

Melissa & Timely's Mijo winning a Cutting Horse Championship

FFA Field Trip. Gold mining in Big Bug Creek.
3 patented gold mines comprise the ranch.

Our daughter Nicole Harrington with 30 year old Easy. Nicole's daughter, Hannah is now 6, but our horse & cattle tradition goes waaaaaaay back!

Petroglyphs near the ranch are 6,000 years old

Generations of horse,,,

...and cattle ranchers start at home

Ranch manager Danny and Melissa

View from the South

Helping a neighbor

Hundred mile views!

BJ & Sonny & Logan (Aussie) checking fence

Young cows resting near the north gate

Melissa & Champion Cutting Horse
Docs Royal Bird (Trigger)

Our bull getting some love

New babies

Friendly curious babies

Registered friendly colorful also applies to our ranch dogs!

CER Hollywood Starlet: brand new baby...
Check out those eyebrows! She's ready for her close up.

Off pasture briefly

Who says Arizona is dry?!
Summer monsoons, flash floods

So friendly, so colorful....young cows

Some areas of the ranch so rough you need 'Gracie'

Summer thunderstorm sunset

Front Door about colorful cattle!

Good ranch mule 'Flower'

Mama is CER Cinderella (upper left) with new bull calf, only an hour old!

Colorful 2017 babies

After summer rain

CER RJ Admiral Rattler, "Bart"
One of our bulls at 1 1/2 with BJ

Three mama's watching their babies

Baby dreaming about big horns

Some serious snuggles between LLL Max's Mary Poppins and brand
new CER Root Beer Float.

Fall in North Central Arizona

Our bull, "Bart," otherwise known as CER RJ Admiral Rattler
catching some morning Fall sun in the pasture

Who says 'good guys' always wear a white hat?

When we aren't wrangling Longhorns, we sneak
away to the beach to wrangle whales

BJ & Danny
on a fence building day

Checking cattle on Sage.

Post Summer Monsoon Storm

Monsoon Thunderhead

Melissa & a neighbor friend riding the
hide off of the roughstock!

CER RJ Admiral Rattler "Bart"...
hanging out by the Headquarters in winter

BJ & Logan working on the ranch in the winter.

Double Rainbow

Melissa & Ranch Dog

Building animal friendly relationships.... starts early here!

Beautiful headquarters. We get "pink rain" 
in August at the ranch, during Monsoon Storms!

Cuttin' Edge Ranch baby with Aunt Katie

Two days old