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Why Buy Registered Texas Longhorns?


We offer registered, friendly, colorful Texas Longhorn cattle for sale at all times.
Longhorns have a legacy of ‘fitting in’ everywhere. Whether you have a big place, a ranchette, horse property, acreage in need of a beautiful horned weed mower, perhaps the ultimate pasture ornament as a focal point to entertain your arriving guests, and so much more…We offer a colorful big horned solution!

Given their well deserved reputation for being genetically favored to be hardy, smart, strong, disease resistant and long lived cattle Texas Longhorns are also known for their uncomplicated birthing and superb mothering instincts. These factors contribute to making Texas Longhorns among the most economical breeds of cattle.

Enjoy having your own connection to the true Old West, whether a remarkable ‘landmark’ at your entrance or put to use on weed control, or starting your own herd…registered Texas Longhorns are a unique treasure to be enjoyed. We invite you to come visit us at Cuttin’ Edge Ranch Longhorns to see for yourself!

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